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Our marketing and sales services reduces the cost of associate hotels and resorts that spend on setting up the sales department followed by process training team,  quality team, and other relevant services related to sales and marketing.

What we do?


  • WSRM has a team of dedicated professionals that perform strategic assessment and  planning with the hotels and resorts.

  • Our team relieves you from the preparation of detailed sales and marketing plans and  budgets (if required) based on successful yield management principals to ensure cost-  effective and successful revenue throughout the contractual period.

  • We also take into consideration the sales targets, accommodation of guests, bookings  of restaurants/hotel rooms for conferences, meetings, and other social events.

  • The leading professionals help the associate hotels and resorts with market segment  analysis and re-structuring to reach higher yield markets when needed.

  • We keep our associates updated on the current technology, consumers’ ever-changing  demands, and the trending market strategies.

  • WSRM has an effective marketing department administration to ensure that allactivities are conducted on time, within budget, and to the highest standards.

  • Our performance is strongly based on implementation of direct sales strategy,  fostering long-term relationships with key suppliers and distributors.

  • We also provide assistance with contract negotiations, rate setting and contract  preparations for the wholesale and inbound markets.

  • Our close focus is also on the attendance at key targeted trade shows and industryevents (co-operative cost basis).

  • Innovative promotional and incentive campaigns to all major suppliers.

  • WSRM is a leading sales representation company specializing in promoting hotels,  resorts and apartments to the global and business events, corporate and leisure  industries through sales, marketing and public relations activities.

  • WSRM provides direct sales representation PAN India and globally, including: key  account management - across all market segments (business and leisure).

  • We actively work with those suppliers / clients that we know will make a difference to  your property.


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